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QUESTION: WHAT IS THE TREATMENT FOR THE CURRENT MORAL DECAY? ANSWER: We must all work hard. Parents, teachers, relatives, friends, monks, priests and bishops, we can all enjoy a rich spiritual harvest if we join our voices. Our children are very good deep inside. But they want to see examples. I think that we should not blame the children so much for their spiritual poverty, but ourselves, because we neglect or we do not have our own spiritual experiences, we have forgotten our Greek Orthodox ideals. Pettiness must be put aside. Our children want a sincere dialogue. We must respect their freedom, since this is the most valuable gift from God. They will understand the limits of their freedom if we show them our unselfish love, with dialogue and warm prayer. The parents’ yells must be replaced by genuflections, for the home to be peaceful. If the child cannot be touched by the mother’s tearful face, then the child itself signs its social and spiritual failure. Modern mother is more interested in her career and less interested in her children. Her tears start to flow when her children reach near destruction, aids and drugs. We don’t believe that this refers to all parents, but unfortunately this phenomenon is observed in too many families

QUESTION: WHAT IS AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN? ANSWE: An Orthodox Christian is the one who believes in the true dogmas of Christianity. He is baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity. He believes in the preaching of the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Council. Those who added or removed something from the legacy of our Holy fathers have lost Holy Grace and they are called Heretics.


CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): WHAT IS A MONK? MONK: A monk is someone who tries to be alone, in order to come close to God. It is difficult for someone to be alone, because he must have a clear conscious and a true love for God and people.
CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): I disagree. It is not that I do not agree with your cause to know and worship God, but people must hear the word of God. We, the simple people, must listen to you, because many negative words are heard and said against clergy and monasticism.
MONK: Those who can speak about God should do it.
CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): They must do it because these are the Times of the Antichrist, as they say. I have read the Holy Book three times. But we must hear you too. We need scrupulous priests and monks, because many people say that they stopped going to church because they do not trust the priests any more.
MONK: They don’t know why they must go to church. The priest, no matter how sinful he is, if he hasn’t been punished (suspended) by his bishop, he keeps performing the mysteries. But there are so many virtuous priests and monks. Why don’t you approach them and you only comment the negative aspects of our church?
CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): I agree but you must underline to us these things.
MONK: We keep telling them, because you must also fight your passions. You must beat loneliness with the grace of God, you have to keep away from the orbit of speed.
CHRISTOS: And how will we do that? How can we find the Grace of God? How will we limit speed?
MONK: By showing obedience to our spiritual guide, by studying the Holy Gospel, asking from our Lord Jesus “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” and by following the teaching of Christ. We must learn to reflect ours soul into the spiritual mirror of holy confession. In this way, we shall finally feel peace inside us. If you find peace in your soul, then everything around you seems beautiful.
CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): Indeed, we do not have peace in our homes or in our hearts.
MONK: How can you feel peaceful when you listen to such irritating music rhythms? We do not love self-adequacy. Instead of the necessary needs of life, we are confusing our selves with too many and needless concerns. We are not trying to become spiritual people. We cannot easily forgive our fellow being. Everyday we judge, we avenge, we slander, we indulge into vanity, we spite, we boast and our expressions become wild. We harden our hearts and we move away from each other.
CHRISTOS (CYPRIOT): This is way things are, father.
MONK: I wish you to become wiser in your life. I pray to Our Virgin Mary not to turn Her Holy face away from Cyprus. But we must repent.

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